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How do I sign up for a trip?

  • Click on the "register here" button or if the trip requires Leader approval click on the tab "Contact Leader" on the trip page you are selecting

Is there flexibility on my trip?

  • You may extend your trip after the official AT has completed and that portion will be on your own.  

What do I need to bring on my trip?

  • Please refer to the documents your Leader has sent you after signing up for the trip

Why do I need to be approved for some trips?

  • Some trips may be particularly difficult or require technical skills, which may demand a more rigorous selection process and the Leader needs to make sure you are able to join the trip safely.  

What happens if the trip does not have enough participants?

  • The Colorado Mountain Club will make every effort to carry out this trip. However, if the trip is canceled by the Colorado Mountain Club, all money collected from participants, including any “non-refundable deposit” shall be returned.

When are payments due?

  • Please refer to your Leaders documentation after you have signed up for your trip.

Is transportation included in the price of the trip?

  • Air travel is not included and in some cases the bus ride to the destination will be, please refer to your trip>

Do I need to buy travel insurance?

  • The Colorado Mountain Club does not offer travel insurance. However, participants may want to consider purchasing insurance due to the risk associated with adventure travel. The world can be a dangerous place; therefore, the Adventure Travel trips do have inherent risks and dangers. Participants are responsible for making their own decisions on what type of travel coverage they wish to obtain.

What if I need to cancel my trip?

  • All requests for cancellation must be submitted in writing (letter or e-mail) to the trip leader. Cancellation 90 days or more prior to departure: All money paid in will be refunded, less the non-refundable deposit. Please refer to your Payment and Cancellation document or ask the Leader prior to signing up for the trip.

Meal Accommodations

  • In instances where meals are provided the Leader will do everything possible to accommodate realizing that is not always possible and you will need to manage your own dietary restrictions.

Getting in Shape for my Adventure Travel trip

What type of accommodations can I expect

  • Lodging varies from camping, huts, shared 4 to a room, to upscale 2 to a room.

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